• John Tamb
    John Tamb is the producer of the Phil Wall Fishing Show. Johns dulcet tones belie the fact that John keeps the show on time and on track across 3 hours, while everyone else in the studio does their best to distract and derail proceedings.
  • Arthur Ritchie
    As well as being the worlds greatest plumber, he is also one of the worlds great fishermen. That fish in the photo is a cracker and just a minnow by Arthurs standards. Reports from Ryhll and surrounds. At Box Hill Plumbing, established in 1897, you can get Arthur or his son Brad, now a 4th generation plumber on boxhillplumbingservices@gmail.com or 0433 613 079. Of course, never one to rest on his laurels, Arthur also runs Bass Coast Plumbing servicing Philip Island and surrounds.  Give him a call on 0417 080 108 - for your plumbing needs or fishing tips!! Arthur is never short of a word!
  • Luke Staface
    Luke is another keen fisherman from Echuca. Luke reports on what's happening on the Murray and surrounds from Echuca. 
  • Ian Jones
    Ian Jones is a doyen of the Beaumaris fishing scene. As a long time member and former Commodore of the Beaumaris Motor Yacht Squadron and a keen fisherman, Ian reports on what has been happening in and around the Beaumaris area.
  • Mick Hall
    Mick Hall hails from Eildon and when it comes to fly tying, Mick is No.1. Mick was an inaugural executive member of the Australian Trout Foundation, the inaugural and founding President of Southern Fly Fishers and Yarra Valley Fly Fishers, foundation member of The Joseland Society (fishing book collectors' organisation), was awarded the Jack Ritchie Medal for services to Wild trout Conservation, has written extensively about fly fishing and his expertise has seen him travel the world including as a world recognised fly tying judge. So if you want to know about fly fishing, fly-tying  or trout fishing, Mick can be contacted at on (03) 57 742 825 or view his website.
  • Rob Harrison
    Rob Harrison brings reports from Hastings. He is a long term and respected charter operator.  Contact him at Pro Fishing Charters on  Ph: 0408 375 413 or www.profishing.com.au/
  • Phil Stevens
    Phil Stevens has been running charters for many years out of Sorrento and Queenscliffe. This photo is evidence as I'm sure it was taken in the 1970's!!  Contact him at Rip Charters www.ripcharters.com.au/
  • Gary Constantine
    Gary Constantine knows his bait and tackle. Gary owns and operates Eildon Bait and Tackle shop, right in the heart of Eildon. Drop in and see him to pick up your bait and see where they are biting around the area.
    Shop 8 / 7 Main St Eildon or contact Gary on (03) 57 742 712
  • Rod Mullholland
    Rod Mullholland is the elder statesman and President of the Keysborough Angling Club. A very keen and knowledgeable fisherman, Rod can be contacted at the Club via their website at www.keysieanglers.com.
  • Richard Buckingham
    Richard Buckingham operates Freedom Charters out of Eden. He also does a nice range of smoked fish if you are lucky enough to get a sample while you are out on a charter with him. Contact Richard on 0407 878 829 or www.freedomcharters.com.au
  • Adam Mundie
    Adam Mundie is a local builder in Echuca, but more importantly a great inland freshwater fisherman and a guru in all thing in the Murray through to the streams.
  • James Luddington
    James Luddington is the skipper of the Strait Lady out of Flinders Island. Aside from fishing charters out of Flinders Island, James also does a range of walking, 4-wheel drive and eco tours around the island if that is your thing. When it comes to experience in the Flinders Island Area, you cant beat James. Contact him on 0427 594 507 or www.flindersisland.com.au  
  • Jason Farrugia
    Jason is 'Captain Calamari' and a great charter operator out of Werribee. Taught everything he knows by his Father (who is Jasons stand in reporter on the show), and punters always have a great day on his charters. Contact Jason on 0407 561 519 or www.magnetfishing,com.au
  • John Scales
    John Scales is the local publican and hotelier in Dartmouth, a local legend and a local expert in all things fishing in and around Dartmouth. So if you are looking for a bed, a feed, an ice cold beer or fishing advice when in Dartmouth, contact John on (02) 6072 4233.
  • Andre
    Andre operates charters out of St Kilda marina with 2 vessels.  With his trusty sidekick and skipper of the other vessel, Vlad, Andre is a great character and his customers always have a fun time, be it with Andre or Vlad. Contact Andre on 0425 723 728 or www.melbournefishing.com 
  • Joe O'Connor
    Joe O'Connor is an experienced charter operator out of Portland. If you are after the big fish in the Southern Ocean, then Joe is your man. Contact Joe on 0400 280 342 or www.gameoncharters.com.au
  • Russ Mason
    Russ Mason is a master freshwater fisherman, and operates a Compleat Angler store in Lavington, Albury.   Contact Russ on 0412 807 704.
  • Brett Tanian
    Brett is a Leading Senior Constable with the Victoria Police. As a member of the North-East Water Police, Brett speaks weekly about boating safety along with licensing and compliance issues for the recreational boater and anglers. Brett is also a keen angler in his spare time, so he brings first hand experience to enforcement issues.
  • Mark Bryant
    Mark Bryant is charter boat operator out of Port Albert down Gippsland way.
  • Bruce Lake from Lakes Entrance
    Bruce brings us the latest news from in and around Lakes Entrance. His mum says she is a better fisherman than Bruce - so here is her pic!! Bruce is happy to provide advice to anyone fishing the area. Give him a call on 0411 853 736 or visit him at Riveria Bait & Tackle.
  • Garry Lloyd at Cape Jervis
    Fleurieu Charters is run by Gary and Katrina Lloyd at Cape Jervis in South Australia.